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Malorie La Fuente - CLS CEO/ Scientific Director

Malorie La Fuente, CLS

CEO / Scientific Director

Geraldine Puno - CLS Operations Manager/ Analytical Chemist

Geraldine Puno, CLS

Operations Manager/ Analytical Chemist

Robilyn La Fuente - Administrative Director

Robilyn La Fuente

Administrative Director

Three Legends. One Laboratory.

“There are two common denominators that joined the three of us together, the glowing city of Las Vegas and a locally operated, high-volume reference laboratory.

It all started seven years ago when a lab opportunity relocated me to Las Vegas from Miami. This is the reference lab where Geraldine and I met. We both were in leadership roles and would often discuss business opportunities and possibilities. Unfortunately, her and I were both missing several important assets to any operable business which involve networking, customer service and even project planning and execution While Geraldine and I were beyond comfortable with management and laboratory operations, we needed a more diversified fire. Something magical happened when Geraldine introduced me to one of her good friends and now my spouse Robilyn shortly after I had arrived to Las Vegas. In my mind, this introduction not only worked out on a personal level, but also introduced the necessary and new skill sets that would accelerate our desire to operate a business. She then served to be the missing variable to complete the equation in jump starting the perfect presented opportunity. Now here we are, as a unified team that will continue to develop and nurture a desperately needed establishment. We will operate an Analytical Cannabis and Compliance laboratory in a growing Las Vegas and for a steadily growing multibillion-dollar industry.

We are two licensed laboratory professionals, with 28 combined years of solid dedication and one well qualified specialist in the hospitality & networking industry of over 10 years. We bring the science, the management, the personal touch, and execution…. And collectively, all three of us bring the heat to drive the success of our endeavor.”

– Malorie